Time to Get out the Grill and Do Some Cooking

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  • On: July 18, 2021
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It’s springtime, and that means three great American activities have begun: baseball and grilling. While baseball is great is there really anything better than inviting over your family and friends to enjoy a feast of kings made from your very own grill…

So it is time to get out the grill, dust it off, clean it up, and do some cooking.

As every “grill master” knows, grilling is an activity that can be done while enjoying the company of your loved ones in the comfort of your own back yard or patio while everyone enjoys the beautiful weather of the late spring and early summer.

In order to have the perfect cookout, you are going to need the perfect grill. If you are not a proud owner of one yet, it’s time to get shopping. The tips below will help you find and purchase the perfect grill.

What Outdoor Cooker Should I Buy?

Great question!

There are 4 main factors – check them out below…


You need to consider the size of the cooker you require. You can do this by calculating how many people you are likely to need to cater to.

Also, the type of food you will be preparing and serving should also be considered.

If the menu requires you to cook hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken breasts a classic style kettle grill will be sufficient. Cooking whole roasts, for best results, will require a rotisserie.

Some models come with a rotisserie included while others are basic.

If you plan on cooking full meals with side dishes and everything, you’ll need to find a model with a side burner or griddle.

Also, keep in mind the amount of food you will need to cook. Are you preparing food for a family of three, or do you plan to prepare meals for your entire softball team after games?

This will largely determine the size of the grill you will require. Click on the image below to see this grill, its price, and others like it.

Click on any image to check out the products for yourself…

Weber Summit 6-burner grill center
Weber Summit 6-burner grill center

Heat Source

There are basically three types of outdoor heat sources readily available for grilling on your outdoor cooker.

  1. Charcoal
  2. Gas
  3. Electricity

The source or type of heat is one of the biggest factors to consider when it comes to grilling. It will depend on convenience and personal opinion as to whether gas or charcoal is a better option when it comes to grilling food.

While it will all depend on individual preferences it really does come down to this.

  • When using charcoal grilling flavors low heat and slow cooking
  • When choosing a gas grill you can cook with high heat and less smoke

Another style of grill available is the electric grill. Out of the three heat sources, electric grills cook the fastest but impart practically no flavor.

A good idea is to first check with your city’s code on grilling, as some will not allow certain types of grills, such as propane grills.

Click on the image below to see this grill, its price, and others like it.

Weber Spirit E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Black
Weber 46510001 Spirit E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Black


Also, you have to take into account your outdoor space.

You need room to cook safely as well as a place to store the outdoor grill while you are not using it.

Pointless having a great big grill if it gets in the way of the rest of your outdoor activities and available space.

Grills are very modular these days of the stacked brick, chimney, and wood required the heat the big cast iron plate up.

Look around you will find one to fit your space.

Click on the image below to see this grill, its price, and others like it.

Dual Zone Premium Charcoal Grill, X-Large, Stainless
Dual Zone Premium Charcoal Grill


Unfortunately, like us all, your budget will come into play. This is going to be a major factor in the style, size, and model of grill you purchase. Typically, the more the grill costs the more bells and whistles it comes with, and the better the quality of materials will be.

Charcoal grills are usually basic and simple, so cost much less, but for someone who really enjoys the flavor and method of cooking that charcoal provides, it will be a much better buy.

What Is the Best Outdoor Cooker?

The best outdoor cooker is one the provides the correct size and heat source to suit your needs. It must also be within your budget and fit into space you have set aside for it on your patio or in your yard.

Final Thoughts – Time to Get out the Grill and Do Some Cooking

The most important thing to remember is to do the proper preparation. Once you have taken the above items into consideration, shop around for the best deals.

Perform a quick search on the internet to see what stores are offering the type of grill you desire, and see who offers a price in your budget. You’ll be off and grilling in no time flat once you get your new purchase set up.

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