Small Covered Patio Ideas You Can Carry Out Yourself

  • By: Michelle
  • On: August 7, 2021

Small patio spaces are common the world over. Whether it is an apartment balcony, a condo patio, deck, porch, or even a small courtyard there are ways to turn this space into a place to escape and enjoy.

Selecting the correct pieces is key. In a small space, unfortunately, you cannot have it all so identifying what it is you really what from the small patio space is the key.

Small Outdoor Patio Ideas

Choices would include:

  • A comfortable sitting, reading, area with a plush chair for one at most two
  • A small entertaining area
  • Area to use a small outdoor kitchen or grill

Once you have decided on what you want to use your space for there is an order in which to select decor – starting with the largest pieces and working down from there.

Best Decor for Small Patio Spaces

Key pieces that must be chosen first are the seating and tables or the BBQ or Grill.

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Seating for Small Patios

All-Weather Grey PE Wicker Sectional Sofa
All-Weather Grey PE Wicker Sectional Sofa

If you are going for a comfortable sitting area and it is only you go for the most comfortable chairs, sofas or lounger you can fit in. A daybed could also be an option if you are truly after comfort.

If you are going for a small entertaining area you can either go with a table and setting set or a lounger set with a table in the middle.

When choosing furniture consider pieces that have built-in storage such as a chair where the seat lifts up to store the cushions away from the weather.

There are modular pieces where everything tucks into itself and is light so it can be moved out of the way easily.

Folding chairs and tables are a great option if you have somewhere away from the patio to store them or just put them away behind a lounger. You can then pull them out whenever needed instead of having them on show permanently and you not using them.

These foldable chairs do not need to be hard and uncomfortable consider the foldable chairs with canvas or other durable fabric that can be washed and are usually weatherproofed.

If it is outdoor cooking you want your patio to select a suitable grille for space – ensuring you need to use the grill safely. You may be able to fit a slim high table and a couple of stools setting to sit at while cooking and maybe eating – otherwise, it is inside you go.

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Small Accent Furniture Pieces

Small side or coffee table, maybe some shelves against a wall to make it cozy. A bar with a pull-down or sliding door to hide the contents away could be made by using an old cupboard or hutch.

Complete a DIY project on it and making it match or fit in sympathetically with your new decor – a bit of old in your decor is always a great conversation starter…

Plants that come with their own stands help to make the area cozy then you are pretty much done with your main pieces.

Dining Furniture

Table Chairs Outdoor Patio Furniture Folding
Outdoor Bistro Table Set

A small folding bistro table and a couple of folding chairs are all you need and they can be tucked away when not in use. If you have an extra guest or 2 you can pull out a chair or stool from inside.

Check out the lightweight setting above by clicking on the image.

Patio Lighting

If you have power to the area you can set up the appropriate lighting and hide the power cords away behind some conduit. You can also use table lamps or opt for the standard lamps as they tuck away behind furniture or in corners.

Solar-powered lights are also good for ambient lighting. You can hang the lighting anywhere just ensure the power board soaking up the sun is in the clear and gets the optimum amount of sun every day. Bonus is they turn themself when it gets dark and on when it gets light – one less thing to think about.

Soft Furnishings

You have chosen your seats and other furniture, now time for some fun – the decor.

Start from the ground up a rug underfoot is always more appealing than concrete or paving. Throw rugs, cushions for your sofa. A coffee table could hold coasters, a small green plant, candles, and even some coffee table books.

Wall space could hold some favorite outdoor art pieces, clocks, wall plants if the wall is expansive and boring you could even cover them with a wall mural.

Outdoor Storage

Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio Furniture

Storage is required for outdoor areas you can place cushions, floor rugs, and throws for protection from the weather. Other items like dining settings, drinkware, cutlery, BBQ tools, and gardening tools can also be tucked away out of sight.

When purchasing new outdoor furniture for your patio consider seating and tables that have a storage area built-in. Benches with lids have storage areas inside them you will be surprised how much you will be able to store away.

Check out the storage solution above by clicking on the image.

Weatherproof Your Patio

Retractable Awning, Aluminum Polyester Sun Shade Cover for Patio

If your small patio is uncovered and you want to create some shade small areas would benefit from a bistro umbrella that has come a long way in functionality and design in recent years.

Another consideration would be to install an awning. These can be made to measure for all areas and are highly customizable. But there are ready-made options that are easy to install on your own.

Awnings take up less space than an umbrella as they are usually fixed to a building or posts and can leave or roll up and down when not in use.

The budget does come into the picture as well as convenience – remember you can move an umbrella around and use it elsewhere not just the patio.

Check out the one above by clicking on the image.

Warm Up The Patio

Outdoor Patio Heater with Wheels, Slate Grey
Outdoor Patio Heater

Small patios will still need some warmth if you want a longer outdoor living period during the year. There are many options depending upon your power source.

A standard heater is similar to the one pictured above, with wall-mounted heaters and fireplaces. Let’s not forget the shapes, sizes, and heat sources of the many other pits

Click on the one above to check it out as well as the many other options that could suit your patio better.


You may be lucky enough to have a lush garden already surrounding your small outdoor space.

If not you can consider a container garden, verticle gardens, potted plants, or artificial. Containers and pots come in many shapes and sizes.

You can place them where you have space on the patio. Alternatively, you could consider hanging pots, wall pots, and railing pots. Unfortunately, they are not set and forget like the good old artificial palm.

Any form of potted plant needs more care such as watering. With watering in mind a retractable gardening hose, which is made out of expandable and waterproof material should be considered. They are space-saving can easily be folded and stored.

Whatever you choose to use be aware that these areas will attract small pests such as mosquitos. Regular spraying or a citronella candle in the warmer months should keep them at bay.

Water Feature

Outdoor Solar Wall Fountain with Battery Backup
Outdoor Wall Mounted Water Fountain

If you have always wanted a small water feature it’s possible even with the smallest of outdoor spaces.

I would consider a wall water feature like the one pictured below. You could easily place potted plants around the fountain. So to make it look more at home and not just a piece of concrete hanging on the wall.

Alternatively, if you have the space on the ground there are many slimline water elements readily available to set up without and no expertise required to install it.

You will be enjoying the sound of trickling water as you sit on your patio.

Check out the one above by clicking on the image.

Patio Privacy

 Outdoor Roll up Shades for Shade and Privacy Porch, Patio, Deck, Pergola, Gazebo
Outdoor Roll up Shades Blinds

If patio privacy, as well as a little protection from the elements, is what you want options like the ones above are relatively cheap and easy to install yourself. The blinds can be attached to various structures, are weatherproof, and are easy to move up and down.

The are other made-to-measure fixed fittings, shade sails to keep you out of the view of overlooking neighbors.

Don’t forget to plant slim tall-growing trees along your boundary fence line or around your outdoor area. A good example would be something like a Mediterranean cypress. Remember to choose a type native to your area. They are tall and slim and really look after themselves – no pruning or hedging required.

Click on the image above to view – outdoor roll-up blinds for shade and privacy on your porch, patio, peck, pergola, pool house, outdoor kitchen, or gazebo.

Final Thoughts – Best Decor for Small Patio Spaces

So as you can see if you have a small patio the good news is that with the right planning and selection of larger furniture pieces you too can find a way to use your limited outdoor space.

A small balcony, deck, porch, or courtyard can be a lovely outdoor space to hang out no matter its proportions.

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