How to Landscape With Water Elements

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  • On: July 18, 2021
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Water is the one element that enhances a person’s over health and wellbeing more than any other. When you combine water elements and a well-maintained patio, deck, or garden you have a good foundation to enhance your health and wellbeing.

Benefits of Landscaping With Water Features or Water Elements

Water has the ability to induce calm, relaxation, restfulness, reflection, and contemplation just to name a few.

Little wonder the price of properties with water view whether it a glimpse from a window, balcony, patio, or yard command such high property prices. This is often regardless of whether the dwelling is a livable condition or not.

These days adding water elements to your own environment to benefit from some of the magical effects that water has on us. It is not that difficult and can even be mobile if you do not own your own home.

Some people are lucky enough to have a natural dam or other small watercourses on their land which can be built upon and enhanced for a more pleasurable outlook.

A swimming pool with moving water is very soothing but expensive. Also, weather conditions for most of the population mean that you would probably not use it enough to justify the cost of install and running a pool.

Read on for options we can all implement…

How to Landscape With Water Elements and water features

How to Landscape With Water Elements

As we have already established having water components in your nursery, porch, yard, or any outside home zone will improve the aesthetics of these areas as well as produce a more serene or tranquil environment.

You are only limited by your imagination, handyman skills, or budget. You can choose one or combine many of the following water elements. Ponds, waterfalls, fountains, birdbaths water is one option that won’t simply make your open-air space increasingly appealing; it will likewise enhance your home.

You will need to start with a design and then a drawn plan taking into account:

  • Space
  • Power outlets
  • Waterproofing
  • Existing foliage
  • Maintenance
  • Budget

Here are a few thoughts on the best way to adequately landscape with water elements.

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Concrete Birdbaths

Water features can be utilized to attract birds into your garden. When introducing water basins to attract wildlife, you should ensure that it’s arranged in a casual, calm spot.

If birds do not use the water feature it is because they do not feel safe enough to do so. Move it to a more protected position and see what happens.

If you still do not attract birds it could be that your flora and fauna are not native to the area. Add some foliage the birds in the area are drawn to, or give up birds as part of your garden and water element feature.

Click on the image below to see this water element, its price, and others like it.

Pottery Bird Bath, available in Ivory and Light Blue
Pottery Bird Bath


Fountains come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most common water elements that add beauty to any outdoor space include;

  • tiered fountains
  • wall fountains
  • concrete
  • marble
  • limestone
  • pedestal
  • basin

Be prepared you will be faced with so many materials, styles, color choices, and one crucial element to consider is the size of your space.

For instance, if you have a small garden, putting a huge fountain in the middle will look awkward you can, however, install a wall fountain that works wonderfully in small spaces.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll most likely need to have an electric outlet, so you must have a strategy on how to hide and let the cord pass through.

Remember there are solar-powered pumping systems for water fountains available if you don’t want wires throughout your garden.

Click on the image below to see this water element, its price, and others like it.

Outdoor Floor Water Fountain 3-Tiered Floor Cascading for Yard Garden Lawn
Outdoor Water Fountain Yard Garden Lawn


Ponds unless you purchase a pond like the one pictured below that is self-contained – just add water and plug it in.

A pond that you want to build, for example, digging into the landscape will take a little more engineering than a self-contained unit.

In terms of installation once you’ve dug your hole, there’s no turning back, so make sure you’re 100% sure of where you want to put it.

After you determine the size of the pond suitable for your space, you will need to decide on what kind of pond you’d want to have.

Two of the most common ones are fish ponds that require lots of maintenance because they could invite inconveniences like bugs and pests.

Then there are water gardens, where you can allow different water plants to grow in your garden.

Either are a great option – just do your due diligence so you know what upkeep you are in for…

Click on the image below to see this water element, its price, and others like it.

Patio Pond Water Garden with Bamboo Fountain, Gray Slate
Pond water garden with bamboo tap fountain

Wall Mounted Water Features

Don’t limit yourself to the water features that are traditionally found ground-mounted. There is plenty of wall-mounted options to choose from.

When these are used in conjunction with other water elements your garden or patio starts to come to life…

Click on the image below to see this water element, its price, and others like it.

Waterfall Wall Mounted Fountain & Backyard Water Feature with Electric Submersible Pump - Florentine Stone Finish
Outdoor Wall Water Fountain


Hearing the sound of a waterfall is instantly calming, that is the reason heaps of nurseries and yards consistently have waterfalls. Besides the aesthetic value, waterfalls are able to reuse water within the feature.

Hiring someone to install the waterfall for you is an option if you have the budget, if not you could also do the DIY method and build it on your own.

The model below is made from fiberglass, not concrete so it is easier to move around.

Click on the image below to see this water element, its price, and others like it.

Modern Tiered Bowls Water Fountain Made Of Resin And Fiberglass
Tiered Bowls Water Fountain

Living – Still Water Feature

A very easy to assemble yet simple and elegant is a water feature with still water and water plants growing in it such as water lilies.

The only real concern with this type of water feature is the stagnate water which as we all know is a breeding ground for mosquitos. If you like this idea or this is the only type you can install you can deal with the mosquitos larvae with mosquito dunks.

A mosquito dunk is a tablet harmless to all things living except for mosquitos’ larvae before they hatch.

To Finish – How to Landscape With Water Elements

If you want to make your garden a bit more lively and more relaxing, including any of the water feature suggestions above will do the job.

Water elements don’t just make for excellent design; they also provide healthy habitats for different kinds of wildlife and serve as wonderful focal points for your home’s outdoor space.

If you know any of the Feng Shui beliefs you will know that the element of water represents health, prosperity, and wealth.

Remember when planning your water elements in your garden that unlike days gone by not all water features are made from heavy material such as concrete. There are many lite durable materials used that make placing them easier than you would think.

The same can be said for digging holes and lining them there are plenty of fiberglass shapes available for consideration.

Finally do not forget to use the area you have enhanced for relaxation. Get yourself a hammock, new lounger, or pull your favorite chair out to take in the view.

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