Go Green With Solar Lights | Light up Your Patio With Solar

  • By: Michelle
  • On: July 19, 2021
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No Electricity Needed?

There would not be many people these days who are fans of outdoor garden lighting that would not have heard about the solar power lighting option. So why not go green with solar lights and light up your patio with solar.

What Is Solar Lighting

Outdoor solar lighting, which is readily available in stores, uses solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity. This electricity is stored in batteries for use at night. Most manufacturers use nickel-cadmium, sealed lead acid, and lead-acid batteries.

Solar lighting operates best when it is exposed to the most amount of sunlight possible during the day. They charge up so they can output light until the early hours of the morning. Then do it all again the next day.

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Tyes of Solar Lights

Solar lighting has evolved and now is available brighter than ever with the introduction of LED globes and the clever utilization of mirrors and other reflective types of materials and internal shapes.

Stake Solar Lighting

Stake-type lighting has a stake that you stick in the ground to secure it in place. They can be used along driveways, walkways, and throughout gardens – anywhere you can stick a stake.

Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Light Landscape / Pathway Lights Stainless Steel-12 Pack
Staked walkway or driveway lighting (Click on the image to see more)

Bollard Solar Lighting

The bollard design works much the same as the stake style lighting with stakes, they are without so you can move them around the garden or patio upon flat surfaces.

Rattan Hand-Woven Solar Path Light Set

Bollard type of solar lighting – can be easily moved around (Click on the image to see more)

Targeted and Security Solar Spot Lighting

I love these lights – they are the ones that create beautiful illusions when they are placed at the trunk of a tree and the light shoots up. Palm trees benefit from these lights that bring them to life at night…

Because these ones are so bright and targeted they are also good for added security around the home at night. You know those dark areas such as side paths and gates, back gates, dark entryways front, or back.

They can run all night at a minimal cost – a very inexpensive security system if you choose to use these light fittings.

Also available are solar sensor-type fittings that will turn on when they detect movement.

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Landscape Spotlights (Click on the image to see more)

String Solar Lighting

When we think of string outdoor lighting we usually conjure up images of fairy lights. While fairy lights are beautiful and can be used for many occasions there are so many more options available now.

The colorful waterdrop string lights below certainly make a statement, they also come in white for a very sophisticated look. String lights come in bistro form, butterflies, lanterns, ball shapes, stars, honey bees, and of course fairy lights.

String lighting kits with a solar panel are also available so you can use the lights on the inside of a bistro umbrella.

String Solar Lights (Click on the image to see more)

Deck Solar Lighting

Solar deck and step lighting are easy to install and keep your walkways nicely lit and steps safe to use at night. These lights have LED globes so they do not drain the solar power and will burn throughout the night until solar charging is required the next day.

Solar Deck Lights Outdoor

Solar Deck Lights (Click on the image to see more)


Individual Solar Lights

Individual solar lights come in various forms from lanterns to animal shapes and figurines. Also, decor shapes like vases, lamps, and mosaic pieces. These pieces can be moved into the sunlight during the day then returned to a patio or deck for use during the evening

Solar Lantern Lights Outdoor,Garden Hanging Lights Metal Leaf Pattern
Individual Solar Lantern that can be moved around for use anywhere (Click on the image to see more)

Other Outdoor Solar Lighting Options

A few other solar options if you really are serious about going a little greener. Honestly, I have only touched the surface – I am certain if you Google solar and whatever you are looking for it is available somewhere…

  • Solar fountains,
  • Solar birdbath pump,
  • Solar chimes
  • Solar pool cover
  • Solar chandelier
  • Solar Christmas lights
  • Solar electric fence kit
  • Solar inverter
  • Solar irrigation pump
  • Solar insect zapper
  • Solar jump starter
  • Solar numbers
  • Solar noisemaker

Solar Light Fitting Costs and Installation

The price of solar-powered lights is actually very reasonable, typically, the main expense is when you first buy the lights. After the initial purchase is when the real savings compared to electric light fittings occur.

  1. Sun recharged during the day then run by this reserved power using energy-efficient LED bulbs which are very bright and will more than likely eliminate throughout the entire night.
  2. Installation costs are usually zero due to the fact that there are no wires and the fittings do not need to be mounted near an electrical source.
  3. Solar lighting allows you to install the fittings yourself and move them around if more sunlight is required to build the charge inside the fitting.
  4. No ongoing power costs – especially if you do need to run them all night.

Benefits of Solar Lighting

Some of the benefits you would already have picked up from above there are in fact more to add…

  • Environmentally friendly because you are not burning electricity for extended periods of time.
  • Set and forget if that appeals to you as the fittings charge during the day, turn on at dusk run all night then automatically turn off when the sun comes up and the cycle starts again.
  • Installation is easy and multi-purpose because you can move these fittings around and utilize them in different areas for your garden and patio.
  • Extremely affordable compare to electrical light fittings and the installation they require combined with the running costs.
  • No limits to solar lighting – take the fitting out to the sun to charge then bring it into your undercover entertaining area or patio.

Final Thoughts – Go Green With Solar Lights | Light up Your Patio With Solar

I love lights outdoors so solar lighting works with my particular electrical trade capabilities – NONE…

I can go to the store to purchase outdoor lighting for an area of my home and go home and install it myself.

Solar lighting has also become more affordable as its popularity has increased.

They absolutely are a great alternative allowing all a safe, secure, inexpensive yet beautiful lighting outcome over the electrical option.

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