To Create a Beautiful Patio | Plan Plan Plan

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  • On: July 18, 2021

When creating a desirable outdoor space the main feature it needs is one that draws you to the area and makes you want to use it.

No point in having a beautiful space that you just look at and not use because it is not comfortable enough or practical enough to entertain in.

To Create a Beautiful Patio | Plan Plan Plan

Homeowners who want attractive patio areas should answer specific questions to narrow down what they desire in a beautiful outdoor space.

  • What do you want to use your patio for?
  • How many people will be using the patio?
  • What materials is the patio made of?
  • Is it a chunk of concrete or is it composed of pavement?
  • How large an area are you working with?
  • Cosmetic makeover or full build?
  • What is your budget?

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Outdoor Furniture

Patio 6 pieces outdoor half round rattan sofa

Outdoor furniture can be built to suit existing surroundings or you can utilize the huge range available almost everywhere today.

You will want room enough for seating as well as a grill or an outdoor kitchen. Leaving plenty of room surrounding the patio for plants. Alternatively, potted plants will grow on patios given the correct conditions, care maintenance.

If family seating for four is all you need, then the area you are working with will be fine. If you will be entertaining large numbers of people, you’ll need to rent or borrow seating for all of them.

The unit above is a weatherproof woven rattan modular sofa and can be moved around to suit the needs of a particular outdoor space. Check it out by clicking the image above.

Patio Flow

Outdoor Hardwood Garden Decor Planter Bench

Another consideration is how you want the patio to flow.

If the patio exits the living room, the homeowner might want to enlarge the area to flow from the kitchen as well. This will facilitate ease of service in entertaining guests. Placing outdoor furniture pieces will help define the area before moving on with further decor options.

The homeowner will need sofas, chairs, end tables, and dining furniture. Around this seating arrangement, plantings in huge pots can be placed to soften the look. Using the same materials as the patio in plant boxes helps the atmosphere to flow.

You might want to construct wrap-around seating, with the back of the sofas constructed of planter boxes. If the patio is composed of wood planks, this would make the wrap-around seating flow beautifully if it was made with the same planks.

A strategically placed fountain also helps provide a restful setting. If the patio surrounds a pool or is placed beside a pool, the seating might be extended part-way or all around the pool. This, too, facilitates flow.

Click on the image above to check out these planter boxes along with other styles and colors.

Outdoor Kitchen

Create a Beautiful Patio

An outdoor kitchen can be a space for the grill and a table, or it can encompass a fireplace and brick oven. Outdoor kitchens can be made to mirror the indoor kitchen, with counter space for prep, a stove as well as a sink and mini-fridge underneath the counter.

The kitchen can be made of complementing stone or brick, depending on the material of which the patio is made. The outdoor kitchen may be placed off to the side of the patio or it can be center stage. The homeowner will need to place it in the most convenient way to his guests’ seating and also convenient to the indoor kitchen.


Classic Chandelier
Traditional/Classic Chandelier

Lighting will be an important consideration.  You might want to hang a light from the roof over the patio you can choose to use lamps or torches.

There is also the modern choice and you could also use flush-mount lighting, chandeliers, or string bright lights around the patio covering.

Without a doubt lighting sets the mood, so the patio lighting could be festive or quiet and subdued.

We should also remember that there are green alternatives available if you want lighting throughout your garden. Solar lighting comes in many forms and is readily available and easy to install  spotlights, string lights

Keeping It Warm

Fire-pits, fireplaces, and outdoor heaters if the homeowner chooses them would also provide further festive or quiet ambient light for any celebration which will further enhance your outdoor lighting.

The fire pit below is a modern yet practical twist on the traditional fire pit that one would normally site around and overlook. Click on the aluminum fire pit table image below to see this one and many more styles, colors, and materials.

Aluminum Square Fire Pit Table
BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table With Cover

Final Thoughts – To Create a Beautiful Patio | Plan Plan Plan

The best patio for you is one that you will use as much as you can. Whether it is for day-to-day activities and shelter from the elements.

Alternatively, for entertaining and the warmer months. It needs to be comfortable and practical so you can really get out there amongst your patio and garden areas.

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