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small balcony decorating ideas

Small Balcony Decorating Ideas | Get Ready for Summer

A balcony regardless of its size should be a place to escape, relax, and breathe in some fresh air if only to have a coffee and recharge. The decoration can be simple and elegant or cozy and comfortable. Any available outdoor space especially if it is covered will contribute to the appeal of any home. So…

To Create a Beautiful Patio | Plan Plan Plan

When creating a desirable outdoor space the main feature it needs is one that draws you to the area and makes you want to use it. No point in having a beautiful space that you just look at and not use because it is not comfortable enough or practical enough to entertain in. To Create…

Small covered patio ideas

Small Covered Patio Ideas You Can Carry Out Yourself

Small patio spaces are common the world over. Whether it is an apartment balcony, a condo patio, deck, porch, or even a small courtyard there are ways to turn this space into a place to escape and enjoy. Selecting the correct pieces is key. In a small space, unfortunately, you cannot have it all so…

bring the indoors out

Bring the Indoors out to Expand Your Living Space

You have heard about bringing the outdoors inside to make your home feel fresh and feel as though you are spending a little more time outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Well bringing the indoors out is simply reverse engineering of that concept. The idea is to use your outdoor areas more and by…

budget patio designs image

Budget Patio Design Ideas

An uninteresting patio even if it is small can be very depressing. For very little money, planning, and effort, you can definitely change the whole look and feel of your home with a DIY patio makeover. Let’s have a look at some great ideas on a budget which will assist you to brighten your patio….

build a pergola in 15 minutes patio

Build a Pergola in 15 minutes

Build a Pergola in 15 minutes Enjoy this video showcasing – in timelapse – 62-year-old Billy Stevens building a patio in 15 minutes!! It really took Billy about seven days to build after the materials arrived on-site!!

budget friendly design ideas

Budget-Friendly Patio Design Ideas

Nothing better than patio design ideas that are budget-friendly. The ones in the video below are going to inspire you…