Here at Beautiful Back Patio Ideas, I want to share with you all the information you need to “love where you live”.

To help and encourage you to relax and use your outdoor space.

Are you after a small sun-drenched patio to use as a lounging area to chill out have a coffee, beer, or wine, and read your favorite book or binge on Netflix?

Or do you want the big entertaining area, with the outdoor kitchen and dining area as well as a huge lounging area to entertain family, friends, and neighbors?

I myself live in one of the most temperate locations in the world and we are able, if we choose, to use our door space year-round.

With a little help of heaters and fans for cooling, of course.

You can achieve any outdoor you choose with planning, imagination, and implementation.

So then you too can “love where you live”!

All the best Michelle…

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